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General information

Group of companies "Sputnik" - a large holding companies, which operates on the Ukrainian market since 1988. Our assets are more than 9 million hryvnia, and are a guarantee of reliability in all kinds of cooperation with us.

Companies included in the group of companies "satellite" successfully sell goods and services in various commodity and regional markets, effectively concentrating the resources available at the right place, at the right time.

Our capabilities are sufficient for the realization of new projects, and our friendly staff in a professional manner provides a variety of service delivery areas.

Listed confirmed, for example, the start of our representation in Africa for distribution of funds for children and adult hygiene (diapers, diapers).

Group of companies "Sputnik" - a single, integrated framework of interconnected companies, and:

  • We are engaged in the production of personal care products, detergents and other products under its own brands, we continue to expand production; Read more here

  • We own indoor heated warehouse on the territory of Kharkov about 5000 square meters, protected open storage platforms around 2,000 square meters, as well as its own fleet of trucks (more than 10pcs), and we effectively provide comprehensive logistics services; Read more here

  • We distribute products many well-known brands, including the rights of the exclusive importer and distributor of both national and regional (in particular in the Kharkiv, Poltava, Sumy, Dnipropetrovsk areas), supply products in large, medium and small retail chains and also directly to customers, including budget organizations, medical institutions, which are involved in electronic trading on different trading venues; Read more here

  • We provide services for the storage of petroleum products, rent to own oil storage tanks, totaling about 4,000 cubic meters (located 14 kilometers from the center of Kharkov, has its own railway siding),
    We sell light oil products (gasoline, diesel fuel) in bulk,
    We deliver oil products own transport; Read more here

  • We are engaged in the construction of luxury housing (cottages) in Kharkiv using only environmentally friendly materials. Taking into account the various requests of customers, we are implementing a variety of designs, provide a comprehensive interior decoration. With us you get perfection, luxury, comfort and convenience in their home! Read more here;

  • We invest their own financial resources available in a variety of investment projects, both short and long term, we have the opportunity to make significant investments.Read more here

You can be sure - we are reliable and responsible partner!

We have the main thing - a friendly team of professionals in the business, for which the company's reputation - is very important. To be a leader, we continue to search for new employees with ambition and professional potential.

We are always open for cooperation! We were within easy reach, the office is in a convenient location, close to transportation is, the separation of the New Mail (14 in Kharkiv) and metro station (metro station "Moskovsky Prospect").

Further information on the members of the group "Sputnik" companies can be found here.

Office Address: Kharkov, avenue Moscow, 199 B, office 726 B.
+38 / 057/ 729 82 18
+38 / 067/ 576 24 73